European hearses

Derks Funeral Mobility is a worldwide and very active dealer of unique hearses. For new European hearses, The Hearse & Limo Company is exclusive agent/ dealer of the conversion label Indus. Indus is well known for its progressive lines and belongs to the biggest and best car builders of Europe.

The Mercedes-Benz hearse on basis of a new vehicle is available in the following models:

  • Indus Eneexis – three door model with low roof and glass panels
  • Indus Eneexis – five door model with low roof and glass panels
  • Indus Dueexis – three door model with high roof and heighted glass panels
  • New funeral cars are built by order based on a Bins chassis.

When we select cars for rebuilding, we always choose the most luxury versions. These cars are standard equipped with an automatic gearbox, navigation system and park distance control. That means comfort and class for you!

Specific interior design possibilities like the lay out of the floor (with roll- or glide system) and other special wishes are of course always negotiable.