The best Lease Deals

Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur in the funeral business, starter or freelancer: leasing a hearse is often the best choice. You keep the liquidity in your firm while you always have a vehicle at your own disposal. A vehicle that also gets its maintenance from the specialist and – in case of break down or crash – will be replaced immediately!


Contrary to regular car companies with us you can also lease young timers. Because people in the funeral branch take very good care of their cars, the final value stays high. In combination with our knowledge of the market this leads to the sharpest deals at Derks Lease. After the lease period is over, you can then choose a more recent hearse. With this you always enjoy the benefits of the latest technology in the field.

At Derks Car Group and Derks Lease you’re at the right address. The Hearse & Limo Company has been supplying wonderful and dependable funeral cars for hundreds of satisfied customers in the Netherlands, and abroad.

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